I thought I would share a few tried and tested recipes here.

Starting off with the Basic Vanilla Cupcake mix - Makes 24 medium sized cupcakes.

You will need:

- 8 oz Self Raising Flour
- 8 oz Caster Sugar
- 8 oz Butter
- 4 x Medium sized eggs
- 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

- Large mixing bowl
- Electric hand whisk or a wooden spoon
- (Silicone) spatula
- Oven - preset to 175°C (approx)
- 2 x Table spoons
- Cupcake baking tray
- Cupcake paper cases


1. Line the baking tray with the paper cases. Preheat the oven.
2. Mix the flour, butter and sugar together to form a creamy, but quite dry mixture.
3. Add the vanilla essence.
4. Add the eggs one at a time, mix well
5. Make sure all the mixture has been mixed thoroughly - use the spatula to get all the mix from the sides of the bowl
6. Don't OVER MIX - leave it nice and fluffy but ensure all ingredients are combined
7. Using a table spoon to scoop some of the mixture into the baking tray, use the other table spoon to get the mixture off the first spoon.
8. Bake in the oven until light brown in colour or when no mixture is left on a cocktail stick when inserted into the middle of the cake!
9. Leave to cool on wire racks.

The cakes can now be decorated as you wish. Check back here for recipes for icing!

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