Friday, 11 November 2011

Garden Theme Cake

This cake's theme was a garden inspired cake. There wasn't really any preferences, but following from the bumble bee cupcakes I made, I was asked to make a cake inspired by them.

The cake is vanilla madeira sponge with jam and buttercream filling. I covered it in pale blue icing as I knew a green one would be too overwhelming. I added hills to the sides of the cake with green icing and also covered the cake board in the same green.

 Here is where I got a little carried away. I bought some cake embossers from the cake fare at Birmingham International, and, keen to try them out, I pressed them around the cake. Unfortunately with all the extra flowers, butterflies and bumblebees I had made also to add to the cake, it looks a bit busy!

I added the other decorations which I made the night before, and then all that was left to do was to paint the dots and stripes on the bumblebees and the ladybirds dotted around the cake!

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