Friday, 30 September 2011

National Cupcake week

12 - 18th September brought us National Cupcake week 2011. I made some cupcakes in honour of the week. These cupcakes are cupcake cookie cupcakes! Chocolate cupcakes topped with hot pink buttercream icing, and a chocolate cookie in the shape of a cupcake! YUM!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Barbie cookies!

I was meeting my bridesmaids last Sunday and I had put together a goody bag as a way of formally asking them to be my bridesmaids, and also to thank them for the times ahead. We had briefly discussed the theme for the Hen night, so for their goody bags, I got them each a Barbie tote bag!

In their goody bags were a bridesmaid handbook, a pink tutu, a pink bopper headband, a personalised badge, a lipgloss and of course some cookies made my yours truly!

 Each bridesmaid had a bag of cookies, one large and 2 small all iced with bright pink icing and black royal icing for the border. I piped a letter 'B' on the large cookies which was supposed to be for 'Barbie' but as one of my bridies pointed out that 'B' is for bridesmaids! 

They were all appriciated anyway! I even made a bag full of small ones for the token bridesmaid, my youngest nephew Noah, who was dragged round the wedding fare with us. As he is far too young for even solid food, I really made these for my brother-in-law who came to the fare too, but then disappeared off to the pub!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Manchester United Birthday Cake

 This was a very special birthday cake that I made for my fiance, Jake! Last year he had to settle with cupcakes, and this year as I am making full cakes for everyone else's birthdays, it was only fair that he got the same special treatment!

He did briefly mention that he'd like a Honda Type - R cake, but as I didn't have a lot of time to make this one, I thought I would make him a smaller cake (also as it will just be us two eating it) and made a small Type R for the top of the cake.

After sending him out and banishing him from the kitchen for 2 nights,  I managed to make him a 6" chocolate chip madeira cake. I iced it in red sugarpaste and then piped lines of yellow, black and white up the sides of the cake in royal icing. I think the yellow was more successful as the consistensy was better and I think I used a number 3 tip. The white and black lines were thicker icing and I used number 2 tips to pipe these, so some were a bit wonky.

As I was only making a 6" cake, I had some batter left over (from my recipe for an 8" cake!) so I made some cupcakes. They are more of a heavier cake than cupcakes, as they are made from the same madeira cake batter.

I used edible wafer paper for the Manchester United logos, which I bought online. And I added some fun chocolate footballs for the around the base of the cake! I made a wired decoration for the top of the cake too, which I feel is a bit too much, but I had to make the best for my future hubby!!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Horrid Henry Birthday cake

This birthday cake was a very special one. It was for my nephew, Jack who was 3 years old on Monday! It is hard to believe that he is 3 already! It really goes too fast. For his birthday last year, I made him a Thomas the tank engine birthday cake:

At the time, I was pleased with myself for making the cake, and I think it pushed my skills that I had then... 

I have since progressed (I hope) and having been successful with other cakes for other people, I felt confident to try a new technique for this cake.

I wanted to make sure that Horrid Henry really did look like the character. I used a royal icing run-out technique. I made my royal icing from egg white powder, icing sugar and some water, which turned out 100% better than shop bought 'royal icing powder' that you just mix with water.

I searched for an image online of Henry which I enlarged to the size of the top of the cake and printed off. I cut round the outside and then cut this out of sugarpaste (should really have used petal paste). Then I 'traced' the image of Henry onto the sugarpaste using a sharp knife. I used royal icing to pipe the outlines of each colour, then watered down the icing to fill in the sections. Finally, I used black royal icing to outline the details.

 As soon as I arrived at the party with the cake, I showed it to Jack and asked him who it was, he immediately said 'Horrid Henry!!!' so I know it must have been OK!