Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cherry Bakewell Cupcakes

 One cupcake, 4 ways to decorate it!

The cupcake batter is made with ground almonds and almond extract. My original idea was to make cherry bakewell cupcakes, but each cake was made differently. 

From top left; This cake is most like a cherry bakewell, it has a jam centre (i should have used raspberry, but I only has Strawberry in) then it was topped with a thick layer of glacé icing and then topped with a glacé cherry!
The next cake, going clockwise,  the next cake was simpley decorated. About half way through baking, I topped the cakes with chopped almonds and when the cakes had cooled after baking had finished, I sprinkled them with icing sugar. These are just almond cakes.
Bottom Right; This cake was the style I was planning for my cherry bakewells! There is jam in the centre, again, and they are topped with buttercream icing, sprinkled with toasted chopped almonds and finished with a cherry!
Bottom Left; This cake looks like the Blueberry cupcakes I made before, in the design. For these cakes, I added chopped glacé cherries to the mixture before baking. Then I scooped out some of the cake from the top, filled with icing, then pushed in 4 more glacé cherries to the icing, and then topped with the part of the cake that I had scooped out! Then dusted with icing sugar!

These are the cakes how I had pictured them to look when I started making these cakes.

This cake is more of the look of a classic cherry bakewell cake, in a cupcake!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Themed Cookies

Thomas the Tank Engine Cookies


Thomas the Tank Engine cookies. Cookies made with golden syrup and decorated with sugarpaste to look like 3 of the characters from Thomas and Friends; Thomas, James and Percy.

I made 10 cookies in this theme, so 3 of each character, and an extra Thomas!

Each cookie was individually wrapped ready to be given out to friends and family at the child's birthday party!

Here they are, all ready to go!
Waybuloo Cookies


Waybuloo themed cookies. Cookies made with golden syrup and decorated with sugarpaste to look like the Pipling characters from Waybuloo; Clockwise from top left  Di Li, Nok Tok, Lau Lau and Yojojo. I made 10 of these cookies, 2 of each character and 2 of the Narabugs.

Close up of the Lau Lau cookie


Close up of Yojojo cookie

 These cookies were also individually wrapped too, this time tied with silver ribbon!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Birthday cake filled with jam and buttercream and iced to everyone's favourite Disney character - Mickey Mouse made from sugarpaste.

When I was asked to make a Mickey Mouse cake, my first thought was dread that I would be making a character that everyone is familiar with, worldwide! However, I used an applique style technique to make each section of Mickey which worked out quite well. I wanted the cake to have a slight 2D feel, so that he stood out on the top, and not look too flat.

(click to enlarge)
I tried to resemble the Disney style font for the name on the cake too! I used red icing to decorate the cake and the cake board. The cake was very 'red' even with Mickey on the top. I made some simple Mickey Mouse heads for around the sides, and cut stars from yellow icing to decorate too.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday cake

For this cake, I was asked to make a Hello Kitty cake, and make it pink! This is the first child's birthday cake I have been asked to make for a girl and include pink icing, so I was very excited to make this one.

The cake is vanilla mediera cake filled with jam and buttercream and then iced with strips of alternate pink and white icing. The Hello Kitty character for the top is fully edible and made from sugarpaste.

Around the sides of the cake, I pushed in some flower cutters to give some detail. I also cut out some flowers from sugarpaste to decorate the cake board!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Wedding Cake

This cake was pre-made and I was asked to decorate it. This was my first wedding cake...Scary! It was made for a May/June wedding (I handed it over at the end of May - not sure when the wedding was). I thought I had lost these photos, but fortunately I found them! 

This is the front view of the cake, with the roses trailing off to down the side.

Close up detail of the roses

This is the detail on the cake with the roses trailing away

This is the side image of the cake to show the roses

And this is the view from above the cake