Monday, 25 July 2011

Ice Age Cake

I was asked to make an Ice Age themed cake for someone, which was to include the Scrat character. At first I thought this was going to be really difficult and a daunting challenge. Then I had a brainwave. What if the cake was the ice cracked in half and the Scrat character was in the middle- like the Ice Age 2 poster.

I made the Scrat character whilst the cake was baking in the oven. The next night I torted the cake into 3 sections each filled with pale blue buttercream icing. Then I cut the cake in half down the middle and shaped the zig-zag edges. When it came to icing the cake, the zig zag edges became a problem. The icing wasn't easy to smooth into all the cracks and the cake was crumling. However, when I had done the second side of the cake I realised that the creases added to the ice effect (plus they are on the inside of the cake so you don't really see them). I brushed the cake with lustre dust to give it an icy shimmer and then painted the cracks on in pale blue icing colour.

This is a close up of the Scrat character which is wedged inbetween the two pieces of cake.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Balamory Themed Birthday Cake

This is my latest creation, a cake in the theme of the children's show, Balamory. The specifications were to have the house around the sides and include the Birthday Boys' 3 favourite characters; Josie Jump, Archie and PC Plum.


The cake is a 10" round madeira cake filled with jam and buttercream in 4 layers of the cake (yum). Then I iced it with buttercream, covered it in pale blue sugarpaste. I added some hills around the sides which I pressed in a small blossom cutter to give some detail. 

 I made the houses to match those from the programme, and added them around the sides of the cake. I made the waves by piping buttercream icing (made from blue, green and pale blue with a shell tip) around the base of the cake. I made the character faces for the top of the cake also.

The boat is my favourite part of the cake!

I was also asked to make 24 cupcakes to go with the cake, for this I made plain sponge cupcakes baked in silver foil cases and then made all the colours of the Balamory letters to decorate. I purchased some rice paper toppers online for ease. They look quite nice as a rainbow of colourful cupcakes!

Celebrity sighting

From my last post, I showed you a cake I made for someone for their parent's 60th Birthdays. I can now reveal the client was  Rebecca Atkinson aka Karen Maguire from Channel 4's Shameless! Here she is with the cake - to prove I wasn't lying!


 Rebecca Atkinson with the cake she asked me to make for her parents

The cake finished at my home, ready to hand over!

Monday, 11 July 2011

60th Birthday cake

I was asked to make a cake for someone's parents. They were having a joint 60th birthday celebration, themed in purple and silver.

There wasn't any strict specifications for this cake, so I was free with the design, I was asked not to make it flowery.

I created a bubble style to go around the cake and on the tiers, at the back of the cake (above) it seems as though the bubbles are dripping over the sides.

 Around the bottom tier, I created stripes in the themed colours, I used a ribbon cutter to make these and then went over the edges with a stitch wheel. The middle tier displayed the people's names; Pauline and Stan, which I made from rolling chunky sausages of icing and creating the letters. I then pressed small silver dragees into the letters.

For the top tier, I cut different sized stars from the chosen colours of icing and then made a spray or stars and coiled wire to appear as though it is bursting out of the top of the cake!