Friday, 24 June 2011


This post should have been put in between some of the cakes for this month. 


I was asked to make 30 cookies for a lady my mum works with. I baked traditional heart shaped cookies, and then cut out sugarpaste to add to the tops. I made 2 flowers for each cookie, which I made in advance (always make extras to allow for breakages!)

The cookies are regular sugar cookies and decorated with lilac roll out icing, 2 cut out daisies with sugar ball centres and royal icing piped around the edges to create a wavy pattern.

I wrapped each cookie individually in a cookie bag and tied with ribbon which I curled.

Ben's 30th Birthday

It was my brother's Birthday, the same week my sister gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, me and my partner booked our wedding, I had made the Stig cake, 30 cookies and the week after my mum and dad's birthdays! Needless to say I was sick of the sight of sugarpaste! But I couldn't let my brother down, afterall, you only turn 30 once!


I had ordered the 3 and 0 cake pans online, but they didn't look big enough, so I made a rectangle tray bake cake for the base. I had also had some pictures of my brother printed onto sheets of icing to go around the sides, but then I thought he might not want to cut into the cake, so decided to put them around the cake board instead!

The cake was decorated in Manchester City's colours and I decided to pipe on some stripes around the base cake and cut out circles for the 3 and 0 cakes.

I made the 1/2 figure in advance so that it would be firm enough to stand on the cake, however, this meant that the arms weren't stable enough. I had a lot of problems fixing the arms back on!

This beautiful figure is supposed to be my brothers wife, my sister in law. But it looks nothing like her, and I was hoping she wouldn't take offence at the lop sided boobs! Oh well, I am still learning afterall! 

After securing the arms on, the next dilema came from securing the banner she was holding too! The cake went down well, and I actually got to sample this one too!

Stig Birthday Cake

 This time I was asked to make a cake for a 10 year old who loves Top Gear. The brief was to make a Stig cake, so I gave a few ideas and the chosen Idea was to make a car with the Stig standing by it, ready to go.

 The car I made was a Ferrari F1, which was definitely not big enough to serve up at a Birthday party. So I got back to the oven to make another cake for the base.

The Stig character was the first thing I made, so that he had enough time to set and harden before I could add him to the cake.

The detail was added as recommended by my partner (also an avid fan of the program). We had a few disagreements over artistic liscence from me and technical design from him, a car fanatic also.


 I think the cake turned out well in the end (despite the arguements!) The only thing I should have considered is to put the Stig actually in the car seat so he would be ready to drive off! I decided against doing this as the cake was supposed to be a Stig cake, and I had already made the full figure.

Campervan Cake

My mum and dad have birthdays so close together so I decided to make them one cake between them! They went away for the week too (which gave me plenty of time to make their cake). They holiday-ed in their campervan... Sounds like an idea for a cake!

I made 2 loaf cakes then stacked them together and sculpted the cake. Then iced it to match the campervan. I made the characters for the cake (they are supposed to look like my mum and dad - sorry guys!) and added details around the base of the cake such as flowers, leaves and grass piped!


I downloaded pictures of their make and model of campervan so I could get the detailing right

 And wrote the names on the side for each birthday!

 Mum looking out for where they are going!

Dad watching the road too!

Mini Cakes

I have been so busy with cakes recently, I had a week off from my main job and then filled it with making cakes (my dream day job). Excuse the lack of posts, I am going to upload all the cakes I have been making recently. Enjoy!

Mini cakes made for a dinner party at our house. Each guest had their own cake, which they ended up taking home with them!

Monday, 6 June 2011

In the night garden birthday cake

(click on the image to enlarge)
This week's challenge was to make a birthday cake in the theme of In the Night Garden. Unfortunately this meant watching through a couple of episodes of the children's programme to get a feel for it. (I now know all the character's names off by heart). So I began work on the cake.

 The cake includes the Tombliboos, peeking their heads out of the hedge where they live. Makka Pakka and his stone cave and the Ninky Nonk crazy train around the sides of the cake. There are also some of Upsy Daisy's flowers around the side too.

On the top of the cake is the stepping stones which lead up to Iggle Piggle holding his red blanket. He is infront of the carousel (which has a candle in the top!). I tried to copy the logo to some extent by using the stars followed by the flowers, and then put the name of the Birthday Boy. You may notice that Upsy Daisy is missing from the cake. I did make a character of her to put on the top with Iggle, but unfortunately she had an accident (Upsy Daisy!)

I was also asked to make some cookies to go with this cake. I decided on doing round cookies with each of the character's faces on a green background. I made 18 cookies, 3 x Iggle Piggle, 3 x Upsy Daisy, 3 x Makka Pakka, and 3 x each of the Tombliboos.