Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

This week was another challenging cake, this time the theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for a 4 year old boy, Rhys. His mother had seen some designs online that was the inspiration for the cake, where the clubhouse was around the sides and the birthday boys name on the top. That was my starting point.

Having never watched any of the program myself, I got to work watching the opening sequence on YouTube.
I noticed elements of the show that I could bring to the cake, such as the circular trees, the door on the foot, the yellow and red circles on the floor of the clubhouse, and the helping hand.

(Click the image to enlarge)
I decided not to make a Mickey Mouse character for the cake, as he is such a huge character, it would be obvious if I got it even slightly wrong. I was going to buy a plastic character to sit on the front of the cake board, but I ran out of time, and couldn't get one on his own. I think the clubhouse should have been at the front of the cake, but then I didn't know what to put at the back, so I made the archway at the front, saying 'Happy Birthday' and then I put his name, a number 4 and a star wire display on the top. This gave the cake some interest from all angles. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another Birthday cake!

 This is the latest birthday cake I was asked to make for a friend's-childs-first birthday! It was a jungle theme. This was my first attempt at a 2-tier cake. The cake is vanilla sponge madeira cake cake which is split into levels between which are filled with buttercream icing. A total of 17 eggs were used to make this and a LOT of sugar... But it was worth it.

Click on the image to enlarge

Around the cake, I made different animals from sugarpaste; Tiger, Lion, Monkey, 2 Elephants, 2 palm trees and a crocodile - all wearing their party hats! The palm trees are made from stackes of Rolos on a bamboo stick so they stuck into the cake. I also made a female lion to go on the cake, but there wasn't any room for her!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to everyone who has had one recently! As it was my birthday this week (4th May) I am in the birthday spirit. Unfortunately, as everyone knows it to be me that makes cakes, no one made me one! So I am posting a cake I made for someone else on April 23rd - the cake will be long gone by now!

I made this cake for my partners mum, Maggie aka soon-to-be my mother-in-law! I knew I wanted to have another go at cake carving, so I made a heart shaped cake from a stacked 2 layer round cake. I filled the cake with jam and buttercream icing and coated in purple sugarpaste.


The main idea for the cake was for me to practice my piping with royal icing, but I decided as the cake would look like a plain shop-bought cake, I would make a figure from sugarpaste to sit on top.


This picture shows the sides of the cake, and the piping I created around it. I wanted to practice a simple design that could be used on a wedding cake. I covered the cake board first with sugarpaste, and then put the cake on top, covering it in the same colour. I let this rest overnight and the following day made the royal icing which I piped along the cake edge to seal any gaps.

The figure was made while I waited for the cake to bake and cool, it was on Good Friday (when the weather was very nice and very warm) so the model didn't turn out fully as I had hoped. The model's waist wilted with the heat of the sun and the warm kitchen, and so looks like the person is quite chunky. I did explain that this is what happens when the paste gets warm, and I hope she didn't take any offense to the model, it was really only to add interest to the cake - not be a replica portrait!

I added flowers to the model and sat her ontop of the cake, looking down at her flowers. Unfortunately in transport, the feet both fell off! In the end I used a cocktail stick to push it up through the feet into the legs to hold them on! Disaster (almost) adverted!