Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy Easter!

 I was going to make all kinds of things for Easter, cornflake baskets, Easter cupcakes, etc. Instead I made some cookies. I had bought a rabbit and a chick cutter for the occassion, but decided that rabbits were more appropriate. I made the icing thicker than I have done in the past as it always takes a while to set. I think this was a better consistency.

I used metallic dragees (or sugar balls) for the eyes and noses, and then a funny shaped round edible for their fluffy tails! I used a pastel colour scheme for the cookies also to make it more for Spring!

I was planning on putting three or so rabbits in gift bags to give out to people, but I didn't know who I would be seeing, so instead I placed them in this basket for any visitors to take as they liked!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Batman Birthday Cake

 This is the latest cake I have made for my neighbours eldest, Ben. He was four last weekend, but his birthday party was this weekend, and they asked me to make the cake! Based on one similar they linked online, the request was for a blue cake with the batman logo on top, and the utility belt around the sides.

Top view of the cake

Here you can see the belt around the edges of the cake - I added gold dust to the belt to give the cake more of a dimensional feel

 Batman Logo on top of the cake

 The cake is approx 25cm round with a jam and buttercream filling. Covered in sugarpaste.

As I am still learning, there are definately parts of the cake, and the process I would do differently if I made it agan. The jam was determind to leak out from the sides, which meant my buttercream crumb coat was covered in jam too. Then the icing took so much paste to make that dark shade of blue, which made it too soft to hold together on rolling out. I also think I would use a ribbon instead of making the belt from sugarpaste, as this was about 1m length and was difficult to control. The dilema is that as it's for a child's birthday, I like to keep it all edible as much as I can.

The cake went down well - so I am told, and as we are neighbours (and the cake is so big) we were given a piece after the party too!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Waybuloo Birthday Cake

(click the image to enlarge)

This is a cake I made for a one year old's birthday. The birthday boy is called Olly and his favourite TV show is Waybuloo. I made each of the characters the night before I made the cake, as I was pushed for time. This was good because they took about an hour each to make, but I wont be doing it again as they dried overnight and with their thin arms and legs, meant that they were brittle when I came to add them to the cake.

(click the image to enlarge)
The cake itself is about 25cm diameter round madeira cake, baked in 2 layers, which I filled with buttercream icing before coating in buttercream and then covering in the sky blue sugarpaste. I covered the sides of the cake again in green sugarpaste which I cut to look like grass. Then I added the characters and some sugarpaste flowers around the sides to add extra detail. The orange character, Yojojo is Olly's favourite, so I put him on top. The easiest character to make was the Nara bug as I used a butterfly cutter and then added balls of icing to make the body and head. 

The cake turned out how I wanted it to, and the parents of the birthday boy were more than happy with it. Although you can tell which the characters are on the cake, I think I should have made their heads larger. I will remember this for next time.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mother's Day Cookies

For Mothers' day this year, I am sorry to say that I was pushed for time. I had all these ideas of what I wanted to make my mum and my partner's mum for their special day, but I had a really hectic week at work, a birthday cake to make for the weekend and I was going away for the weekend myself too!

I decided to make cookies, as these would last longer than cupcakes and I could ice them whilst waiting for the Birthday cake to bake (pictures of that to follow in the next blog)

Here are the results:


These are the cookies for my Mum and my partner's Mum (soon to be my mother-in-law!!)

 These ones for my partner's Grandma

 These ones for my sister who will become a Mum in June!

Each set of cookies included a large heart shaped cookie and two smaller ones. All the cookies were decorated with rolled white sugarpaste hearts and a peach buttercream border piped around the edge. The larger cookies have the name iced on of the receiver and 3 handmade 'fabric' hearts with piped buttercream leaves. Because of the use of buttercream (instead of royal icing), I couldn't wrap the cookies in the cellophane bags as I would do normally. Instead, I wrapped them in a paper mache heart shaped box with matching colour ribbon on top!