Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Baby cakes

I made these cakes for a baby shower we threw our neighbour, Helen. She is heavily pregnant and the littl'n is trying to arrive early so the shower had to be brought early.

I made the cakes as normal, but coloured the batter pink to make them even more girly - all things pink!
I was planning to decorate all the parts of the face in icing, but unfortunately I ran out at their noses! The noses were made from half a peach colour mini marshmallow. I gave the faces pink cheeks and a purple dummy - for a girl too.

The bonnets are piped buttercream icing. I used the petal nozzle to create the wavy effect. I am intreguided by this nozzle, having never used it before, I might have to have a go at piped flowers next...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A bit of luxury for 2011!

January is always a really difficult month and everyone needs a bit of cheering up, so I thought long and hard about some special, luxury cupcakes to perk up a dreary January lunchtime, or bedtime snack! I was also lucky enough to have santa bring me a mixer for Christmas so I needed a reason to try it out.

The cupcakes are white chocolate chip, topped with baileys buttercream icing with a rich belgian chocolate swirl and sprinkled with chocolate chips. These are not just cupcakes... haha!

According to my elite panel of taste testers, they pass with flying colours.
Although, I must say the consistency of the actual cake wasn't up to my usual standards. The tops of the cakes are almost crispy whilst the middle are soft, fluffy and bouncy. Not sure where I went wrong, possibly too much butter, or the addition of baking powder when already using self raising flour?? BUT, they look nice and still taste delicious!

Orders now being taken...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Christening Cupcakes

These are the Christening cakes I made for Angie's baby's christening! They are vanilla cupcakes in silver foil wrappers, decorated in blue and white icing with a christening theme. I made regular sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes in matching colours for smaller mouths!

For all the cakes, I made circular discs of icing which I imprinted a flower pattern on. Then I made 4 different toppers to go on top of the discs; teddies, milk bottles, feet (which I bought), and booties! All the toppers were placed on a circular rosette of icing in the alternate colour.

Teddy cakes - white icing cut into a teddy shape on top of a disc of blue rolled icing with an imprinted pattern (using a mini patterned roller). This is then placed on to a circle of white buttercream icing.

Milk bottle cakes - milk bottle made from a mini marshmellow with a blob of blue icing and the nozzle is a white chocolate drop! This is on top of a disc of blue rolled icing with an imprinted pattern. The topper is on top of a rosette of white buttercream icing.

Feet cakes - These are shop bought feet (I did try to make them but the toes were a bit fiddley and kept falling off!) The feet are then placed on to a disc of white rolled icing with an imprinted pattern. The topper is placed on top of a circle of blue icing.

Bootie cakes - These booties are made from blue rolled icing which I modelled into little booties and then attached these to a circular disc of rolled white icing with an imprinted pattern. The topper is then placed on top of a rosette of blue buttercream icing.

From what I have been told, the cakes went down a treat! The photographs aren't brilliant of the cakes, but when I finished them, they had to be taken to the house ready for the litle man's big day!