Friday, 19 November 2010

Mini Cupcakes

This week I have (finally) tried out my new mini cupcake pan from Wilton. The tin makes 24 mini cupcakes. These little treats are perfect as they are just enough of a mouthful to get a taste, without being too much of a guilty pleasure!

I think they would also look great mixed in with a display of regular sized cupcakes too.

The mini cupcakes shown here with a tablespoon.

The cakes below are my favourites; the supermini or 'cupcake shots'. I got some tiny paper cases from the supermarket and thought they might make a mouthful.

Not quite a mouthful, but still tasty and definitely suitable for people on a diet!

This is the supermini on a tablespoon. How cute?!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cupcakes for friends!

This week I have been making cakes for friends. Olivia, who was feeling down working at the milkshake shop, and Ashlie who has returned from her travels to Australia.

I made milkshake themed cakes for Olivia, and posted them to her (this is to show her how they should look when they arrive).

The cake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream icing topped with an icing cherry and straw!

The cakes I made for Ashlie are themed to show her travels; Koala bear cakes to represent Australia and rose cupcakes to represent England. This was also my first time at creating roses!

The Koala toppers were made from icing and an m&m for his nose, and the rose toppers are made from flourist paste.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Remember remember...

The 5th of November, bonfire night!

I wasn't going to make any cakes last week as I was waiting to be inspired by Cake International, a cake fair I was attending on the 5th.

However, I wasn't going to see any fireworks this year, so I decided to have a mini firework display with the aid of some cakes, and mini sparklers - Here are the results...

The icing is made using 3 colours; Orange, Yellow and a small amount of red which is added to the piping bag so that when piped, mixes to form a fiery effect! The cakes are plain vanilla in black dotty cases. They are then topped off with some sparkle with gold edible glitter.

The cakes at the top are made with Cadbury's flake chocolate mounted to form a bonfire structure on top of the fire colour icing.

Close up of the tops of the bonfire cakes!