Monday, 13 December 2010

Winter cookies - Part 2

Here are some more festive cookies! Keep checking back soon as I have just ordered some more cutters to try out for Christmas!!

Snowman cookie

Snowflake cookies

The cookies are plain with the added taste of golden syrup (yum) and then they have been decorated with royal icing. Then topped off with lustre dust to give them an icy twinkle!

Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter cookies

These cookies were to test my icing skills. I thought they would be particularly appropriate for the snowy weather.

These ones have been iced with glacé icng and then topped off with royal icing details

These cookies have been covered with rolled icing and the detail added with royal icing.
All the cookies gave me the chance to use my lustre dust which I have wanted for ages!! It is an edible shimmer powder which I have lightly dusted over the top - gives it some sparkle!!
Let me know what you think!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Mini Cupcakes

This week I have (finally) tried out my new mini cupcake pan from Wilton. The tin makes 24 mini cupcakes. These little treats are perfect as they are just enough of a mouthful to get a taste, without being too much of a guilty pleasure!

I think they would also look great mixed in with a display of regular sized cupcakes too.

The mini cupcakes shown here with a tablespoon.

The cakes below are my favourites; the supermini or 'cupcake shots'. I got some tiny paper cases from the supermarket and thought they might make a mouthful.

Not quite a mouthful, but still tasty and definitely suitable for people on a diet!

This is the supermini on a tablespoon. How cute?!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cupcakes for friends!

This week I have been making cakes for friends. Olivia, who was feeling down working at the milkshake shop, and Ashlie who has returned from her travels to Australia.

I made milkshake themed cakes for Olivia, and posted them to her (this is to show her how they should look when they arrive).

The cake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream icing topped with an icing cherry and straw!

The cakes I made for Ashlie are themed to show her travels; Koala bear cakes to represent Australia and rose cupcakes to represent England. This was also my first time at creating roses!

The Koala toppers were made from icing and an m&m for his nose, and the rose toppers are made from flourist paste.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Remember remember...

The 5th of November, bonfire night!

I wasn't going to make any cakes last week as I was waiting to be inspired by Cake International, a cake fair I was attending on the 5th.

However, I wasn't going to see any fireworks this year, so I decided to have a mini firework display with the aid of some cakes, and mini sparklers - Here are the results...

The icing is made using 3 colours; Orange, Yellow and a small amount of red which is added to the piping bag so that when piped, mixes to form a fiery effect! The cakes are plain vanilla in black dotty cases. They are then topped off with some sparkle with gold edible glitter.

The cakes at the top are made with Cadbury's flake chocolate mounted to form a bonfire structure on top of the fire colour icing.

Close up of the tops of the bonfire cakes!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!!

Happy Hallowe'en! These are the cake I have made for the occasion:

Ghost Cake - Chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles on orange icing. The ghost is made from meringue and the gravestone is from edible wafer paper!

Pumpkin Cake - Chocolate cake with chocolate chips and purple icing with orange sprinkles and a pumpkin made from orange icing with green icing and angelica stalk and a drawn face with an icing pen!

Graveyard cakes

Pumpkin patch

Friday, 29 October 2010

Wear it pink! - Cakes for charity

Today is Wear it pink day, for Breast cancer campaign. I am trying to get everyone in the office to partake by wearing something pink to work today. The donation is £2 or a forfit of £5 if someone decides not to dress up... Not mentioning any names!!

So, I made some cakes to encourage the troops and also make a little more for charity, selling them at £1 each.

The cakes are vanilla flavour cupcakes, with pink buttercream icing and a hand made icing disc with a piped ribbon on to reprisent the charity bow. Sold a few already today!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sweetie Cakes!

These cakes are made with buttercream icing and topped off with some dolly mixtures! Adding extra treats to the cakes!

They go down nicely with a glass of pink lemonade!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Butterfly Cakes

Here are the cakes that I have been baking this week. They are vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream icing - nice and simple. They also have matching coloured butterflies on the top to match their cases!

The cases were from Morrisons, so readily available! And the butterflies were made using a PME butterfly press. This adds the details on the wings too! I got the small press and the medium with the view of puttting one of each on the cakes, but they looked suficient with one butterfly on!

The cakes also look great collected all together in a swarm:

Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Strawberry Cakes

Here are the latest cakes. This week, I went for a slight afternoon tea theme with fresh strawberrys, jam and butterfly cakes!

I have also taken the opportunity to photograph the cakes on my new cupcake stand! It's the swirly metal stand which holds and tilts each cupcake making them irresistible!!

White buttercream icing with half a fresh strawberry placed on the side!

simple butterfly cakes with white buttercream icing

cake with jam filling, lid replaced and topped with white buttercream icing and a slice of fresh strawberry! - This cake is highly recommended, it was delicious!! Even if I do say so myself!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Manchester United Buns

Following on from the success of last night's game, I have uploaded these pictures. I made these buns for my boyfriend for his birthday!

For these cakes, I baked the cakes half in green paper cases, and half in red foil cases. I used green and red buttercream icing which I spreaded over the tops of the cakes. I coloured some sugar and rolled the iced cakes so that the sugar coated the edge. Then I placed on the rice paper footballs and icing Manchester Utd logos on to the tops!

I think they went down quite well!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I have expanded my baking to cookies. They are made with the usual ingredients plus golden syrup, so they are really soft and cakey - mmm!

Here is a few from my first batch - I need to practice with the icing!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cupcake Tray

I saw this and couldn't resist in honour of cupcake week 2010, it was £2.50 from Tesco - Bargain!

Happy National Cupcake Week 2010

September 13 - 19 2010 is National Cupcake week! To celebrate, I have been baking pink and purple cupcakes and also using my new icing nozzle too!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Thursday, 19 August 2010

White vanilla buttercream icing with a wafer daisy and pink sugar

White vanilla buttercream icing with pink, purple and white iced hearts!
Pink buttercream icing with white chocolate stars and silver sugar balls

Another cake
White vanilla buttercram icing with pink iced stars and pink metallic sugar balls



This is a blog to show off some of the cakes I have been making! I have been asked to make some creations for a christening of a friend of a friend - 40 cakes, 20 white and 20 pink!
Here are my practice cakes...

This one is pink buttercream icing in a criss-cross design with a wafer daisy and purple sugar